Digital Sidhe (digitalsidhe) wrote in the_grey_havens,
Digital Sidhe

Elvish Calligraphy Available

[This advertisement posted with moderator approval, since it's relevant to the community and may interest members. My apologies in advance to those who see it in multiple communities.]

The Elvish Translation Service ( sells hand-crafted Elvish calligraphy, in Quenya and Sindarin (mostly Quenya), written in various styles of tengwar. The catalog of available items includes quotations ancient and modern. Prices for 8½x11" pieces currently range from US$25.00 to $50.00, making them highly affordable gifts.

I can also do custom work, whether for wall decorations, tattoos, wedding rings, or any other use. Rates for custom translation are available on the site's "Custom Order" page.

Visit the Elvish Translation Service today, and nai elen siluva tielyanna ("may a star shine upon your path").
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