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Can anyone translate it plz?

Namarie! Ar nai silme laituva tielye!
I Qualme sin entula. Nai omentielva lartuva oiale!

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As far as I can make it out:

Farewell! And may the stars' light find their paths!
The agony/death now comes again. May the two come upon a pause/stop everlasting!

Crappy, and probably not all right, but that's my guess/translation.

This is Quenya, yes.

The Litteral translation:

Farewell! And be it that starlight praises your path!
The agony shall now come again.
Be it that the hour of our (next) meeting will be paused everlasting.

A more poetic translation:

Farewell, and be it that the light of the stars praise your path!
The agony shall now come anew. Be it that the hour of our next meeting delay for ever.

Word Sources and explanation:

namarie= farewell
ar = and
na- = v. root to be (or let, as to be + the future case of laituva)
nai (1) "be it that", (or) nai (2) "alas"
silme = n. starlight
lait- = v.root to praise
-uva = adv. will, indicates future
tie = n. road, path pl. tier
-lye = prn. thou, your
i = art. the
qualmë = "agony, death
sin= thus (or)
sin = (2) a form of sí "now" (q.v.) occurring before vowels,
et = adv. out of
en- = (3) prefix "re-, again-", in enquantuva "shall refill", entuluva, "shall come again
tul- "come" (WJ:368), 1st pers. aorist tulin "I come" (TUL), perfect utúlië "has come" (utúlien "I am come", EO),
omentie = n. hour of meeting
-lva = prn. our
-uva = adv. will, indicates future
oiale = adv. everlasting

lár = (1) "league", a linear measure, The basic meaning of lár is "pause"; in marches a brief halt was made for each league. (UT:285)

Word lists used:


Hope that helps! -- Trys

that should help in the future. its all of the language as well as a search at the bottom, its what i use for rpg and was given to be by a friend there.